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  • 執筆者の写真DOUBLE OO '96

FUTUR "HW G Fit Pocket L.S."

HW G Fit Pocket L.S. / Black

Heavy LS 290gms

100% cotton

Flag label on chest pocket Made in Portugal

19,800 JPY


FUTUR was started by Felix Schaper and Benoit Fredonie in July 2014. Coming from two different backgrounds, one from skateboarding the other from apparel, FUTUR became a brand focused on polished aesthetics rooted in skateboarding with a high quality touch.We launched the introductory collection, FUTUR Season 0, in September 2014 at 4 select European retailers. It consisted of 7 pieces. Fast forward to 2019, we now present 2 seasonal collections a year during mens fashion week in Paris and Tokyo and FUTUR has grown into a full hat to sock silhouette premium mens wear brand. All of our production is in Portugal except for the denim pieces which are fabricated in Japan. We source high quality European materials from Italy, the UK and Portugal.FUTUR is active in the skateboarding scene. We have 4 official team riders: Oscar Candon, Karl Salah, Juan Saavedra and Santiago Sasson. We travel with the team on a regular base to film for our skate clips.We don’t present FUTUR as a skateboard brand. We are an apparel brand. Skateboard brands make goods for skateboarding. We make clothing so we are a clothing company, but we back skateboarding in any way we can.

FUTUR brand Profile


同ブランドは2014年にFelix Schaperと、Ben Fredonieによって始動。



Instagram: @futur

デザイナー Felix Schaper Profile


12歳からスケートボードを始め、New YorkやCosta Ricaに住み、Berlinでグラフィックデザインを勉強。


2014年にはBen Fredonieとスケートボードブランド”FUTUR"を設立。

また、Felixは12年ほど前から写真家としてのキャリアを始動し、昨年待望のファースト写真集「Wish You Were Here One」を「Pleasewait Gallery」から発表。

Instagram: @_bird_shit_


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